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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: 10 Employment Laws You Must Know

As a North Texas business owner, you have to deal with many of the legal complications that come with starting and running a business.  If you have employees, employment law in Dallas TX will complicate your business life even further.  When you hire employees to work for you, you have to know and implement a myriad of state and federal employment laws to treat your employees fairly and to keep yourself from facing fines or lawsuits based on your labor practices.  Among the many state and federal employment laws you must know about, there are ten that are the most Read more
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Business Law Dallas TX

Business Law Dallas TX: Protect Your Business

In the event of injury, catastrophe, or any life-threatening event, you need business law in Dallas TX on your side. In an effort to be prepared for the worst, smaller businesses, in particular, should take steps to build a strong safety net that more-than-adequately protects your business. Preventing incidents in your business is essential, not only to preserve the health and lives of your staff, but also to avoid the complications of problematic legal battles. However, if someone at your business experiences these unfortunate circumstances, you will most likely have to deal with a lawsuit. According to business law in Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: What Qualifies as Workplace Harassment

Could employment law in Dallas TX be the answer to your workplace harassment problems? Many believe harassment in the workplace is limited to unwanted sexual advances, but there are additional ways one can be victimized at work other than sexual harassment. Harassment situations often go on too long because the victim fears retaliation, or even job loss. You need to know that workplace harassment – whether it be verbal or physical — is always a form of discrimination and is unlawful. At Simon Paschal PLLC, we represent companies and individuals in matters of employment law in Dallas TX; with years Read more
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Business Law Dallas TX

Business Law Dallas TX: Get Help from the Experienced

As all other elements of life and work change and progress, so does business. Thus, businesses in Dallas TX are born and evolve. This means the business law in Dallas TX has to change to suit new potential litigation. Though the law is sometimes slow to catch up, having an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on all current legislation and potential changes. There are many possible legal circumstances that can create disputes and tension for you and your business. As we become more reliant on technology, internet-related issues and discovery can make preparing for, and dealing with, these problems even Read more
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Business Law Dallas TX

Business Law Dallas TX: How A Business Lawyer Can Help You Get Started

At Simon | Paschal, we are experts in business law in Dallas TX and we know that hiring an attorney is something you should think about doing before something bad happens to you or your business that requires you to seek legal help.  A business lawyer can prevent many bad things from happening by laying the proper legal groundwork upon which your business should be built.  This is especially important for most small- to medium-sized business owners who can’t afford to take the kind of financial hit that can come with legal complications, fines and lawsuits. According the U.S. Small Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: What Employers Need To Know About The ADA

One of the most important developments in employment law in Dallas TX and in the rest of the United States, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), turns 25 this year.  The ADA was a boon to mentally- and physically-disabled workers seeking employment or seeking protection from losing employment based on their disabilities.  For employers, it was a set of rules put into place to enable them to know exactly what they had to do to treat disabled employees and job seekers fairly. If you are an employer in North Texas, following these rules of law will not only ensure that Read more