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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: Using Background Checks in Hiring Decisions

Having someone who knows the ins and outs of employment law Dallas TX on your side is key when making staffing decisions. Hiring an employee to join your organization is a huge investment of time and money. Using pre-employment background checks offer benefits well beyond what it costs to have one conducted. These benefits are: Hiring well-qualified candidates Reduced employee turnover and related expenses Limit exposure to negligent hiring claims Making sure you remain in compliance within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act with background checks is also necessary. Make sure your company gets the right employees with Read more
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Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX

Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Employee Handbooks

An employment law attorney Dallas TX advises businesses on many matters pertaining to hiring, training and terminating employees. Writing employee handbooks is another one of the services offered by employment attorneys. Although it may not seem like an important matter, a poorly written or incomplete employee handbook can cause misunderstandings, or worse, among workers and their bosses. Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Do Employees Need to Sign their Handbooks? When employees receive a new or updated handbook, federal law doesn’t require them to sign a paper stating they’ve read the book. However, many employment attorneys and human resources reps think Read more