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Employment Lawyer Dallas TX

How an Employment Lawyer can Help you with your Business Legal Needs

When you are the boss you are in charge of many various aspects of business. You need to help keep your employees happy while navigating through the ever-changing employment laws correctly. A lot of things need a professional, legal eye in the business world. Employee handbooks need to be written and revised in order to stay current with the laws in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Non-compete agreements are needed from time to time and you need someone fully versed in Employment law to draft this document. The Department of Labor performs audits relatively often. Having a legal professional on your Read more
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Noncompete Agreements Dallas TX

4 Types of Noncompete Agreements Your Employees May Need to Sign

Operating a business can be challenging, especially when managing employees, but an attorney can help design and implement restrictive covenant agreements to protect your company. You may not realize the different options in regards to these legal agreements. Here are some of the different types of restrictive covenant agreements and how they can protect your business. Non-competition Agreement The most common agreement is the non-competition agreement or “noncompete.” Noncompete agreements will prohibit your employee from working for a competitor of your company. This reduces the risk of a former employee competing with your business since they will have had an inside scoop Read more