What Can I Ask on a Job Application and in an Interview?

Hey everyone, it’s Paul Simon with the law firm of Simon Paschal. Welcome to another episode of Simon Paschal Says. Today, we’re going to talk about what employers can and cannot ask for in job applications. And then, also kind of best practices, as well as then what an employer can and cannot ask in an interview. For a job application there’s just a few areas that we, generally, see employers inquire about that either they should not, or even it could be illegal. So, a few of those are whether or not an applicant is a US citizen or Read more

What Can You Deduct From an Exempt Employee’s Salary?

Dustin Paschal here with the law firm of Simon Paschal and this week’s edition of Simon Paschal Says. We’ve previously talked about the overtime exemptions, the white collar exemptions, administrative, executive, professional, the exemptions from overtime. What we want to delve into a little more in this installment is the salary requirement for those exemptions. If you recall those exemptions, in order for the employee to be exempt requires a couple of different methods of payment. Either a fee basis payment, which we’ll talk about in a different video, or salary of at least $455 per week. The computer exemption Read more