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A Reminder About the Protected Nature of Alcoholism

You may or may not have seen the sports news in the last few days and weeks but ESPN and other outlets reported that former University of Southern California head football coach, Steve Sarkisian, filed a lawsuit against the school alleging disability discrimination and failure to provide a reasonable accommodation based on the fact the school terminated him near the middle of the 2015 football season. In December 2013, USC hired Sarkisian as the head football coach and entered into a five-year contract with Sarkisian. In October 2015, USC terminated Sarkisian only 24 hours after it asked him to take Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: 10 Employment Laws You Must Know

As a North Texas business owner, you have to deal with many of the legal complications that come with starting and running a business.  If you have employees, employment law in Dallas TX will complicate your business life even further.  When you hire employees to work for you, you have to know and implement a myriad of state and federal employment laws to treat your employees fairly and to keep yourself from facing fines or lawsuits based on your labor practices.  Among the many state and federal employment laws you must know about, there are ten that are the most Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: What Qualifies as Workplace Harassment

Could employment law in Dallas TX be the answer to your workplace harassment problems? Many believe harassment in the workplace is limited to unwanted sexual advances, but there are additional ways one can be victimized at work other than sexual harassment. Harassment situations often go on too long because the victim fears retaliation, or even job loss. You need to know that workplace harassment – whether it be verbal or physical — is always a form of discrimination and is unlawful. At Simon Paschal PLLC, we represent companies and individuals in matters of employment law in Dallas TX; with years Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: What Employers Need To Know About The ADA

One of the most important developments in employment law in Dallas TX and in the rest of the United States, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), turns 25 this year.  The ADA was a boon to mentally- and physically-disabled workers seeking employment or seeking protection from losing employment based on their disabilities.  For employers, it was a set of rules put into place to enable them to know exactly what they had to do to treat disabled employees and job seekers fairly. If you are an employer in North Texas, following these rules of law will not only ensure that Read more