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Are There Notice Requirements for Laying Off or Furloughing Employees?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers in Dallas and across Texas have had to contend with severe economic losses. As a result of business closures and lost revenue, many employers in Dallas have had to furlough or lay off employees. We know that this is an incredibly difficult process for many employers, and we also know that it can be extremely complicated to understand the laws surrounding furloughs and layoffs. The major federal law pertaining to employment separation notice requirements is the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (or WARN Act). This is a law that requires Texas employers, as Read more
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How COVID-19 Affects Workers’ Compensation Claims 

Many employers in Texas closed temporarily during the stay-at-home orders issued in March, leading to many employees working from home. At the same time, many businesses classified as “essential” remained open during the stay-home orders, continuing to employ workers. In the past weeks, Texas has begun opening up again, and many businesses have reopened and have welcomed employees back to the workplace.  The coronavirus pandemic has not changed the fact that employees continue to sustain injuries while working, and that employers have certain duties when it comes to workers’ compensation claims in Texas. If you have questions about your responsibilities Read more
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Employment Law Issues to Consider Before Reopening Your Business

In Texas, many businesses have started the process of reopening after stay-at-home orders designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections have been lifted. As many employers consider reopening their businesses in Dallas and throughout Texas, it is important to consider a variety of legal and liability issues that could impact your business. While distinct types of businesses may face particular issues when it comes to reopening, in general, employers should consider many different employment law issues when they are considering opening up again. The following are some important issues to take into account when you are deciding whether it Read more
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A Season of Change for Human Resources

On Saturday, June 20, we marked the official start of summer.  That day is known as the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the day on which the sun reaches its highest and northernmost points in the sky.  With the start of summer, we close out spring and we turn to thoughts of pool parties, backyard cookouts, and summer vacations.  This summer, though, has a different feel and a different approach in light of COVID-19; and with the start of this particular summer, we look back on a monumental spring of change for Human Resources professionals everywhere. Read more
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Protect Against Sexual Harassment Claims for Remote Work

Now that businesses throughout the Dallas area have shifted to remote work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees find themselves working online from home. Meetings that may have been held in-person within the office setting or around a workplace conference table have now shifted to Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms. Yet, it is essential for employers to know that they still need to take steps to prevent sexual harassment in the remote workplace, and to handle remote sexual harassment when it does occur. By having policies in place for preventing and managing sexual harassment claims in Read more
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Can I Require Employees to Wear Masks or Other Equipment?

** This post was originally made in May 2020 but has been updated due to recent changes.  Be aware that as a result of the fluid situation involving COVID-19, the below is up to date as of late June 2020.  Things could change that affect the below.  We will do our best to update but want to make sure you are aware of this fact. Whether you have kept your business open during the coronavirus pandemic as an essential business or you are just beginning to make plans to reopen and to bring employees back to the workplace, it is Read more
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General Counsel Services: Lawyers on Staff at Your Business

  Running a business becomes more complicated each day. In addition to the rigors of the competitive marketplace, you must manage your personnel and employment law issues as well. If your company has employees, you must stay abreast of labor laws, know which laws apply to your company, stay on top of changes in the law, and be sure your entire organization is in compliance. This can be a big job, regardless of how many you employ. Read more
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Paul and Dustin to Speak at Frisco HR Summit

On Tuesday, March 29th, Paul and Dustin will be speaking at the 2017 Frisco Chamber of Commerce HR Summit.  The Summit is a partnership with DallasHR and will include a variety of presentations geared toward small business owners and Human Resources professionals.  Paul and Dustin will be presenting on “Sensitive Employee Relations.” The recent post in the firm’s Legal Blog highlighted a portion of what will be presented.  The presentation will focus on sensitive employee relations issues that HR professionals encounter, including ADA issues, personal hygiene, workplace relationships, and leave issues.  You can learn more about the Summit by visiting Read more
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The ADA and Mental Disabilities

We are in the process of preparing our “Sensitive Employee Relations” presentation for the upcoming Frisco HR Summit at the end of March, so we thought we would provide you a preview of that speech while also providing some valuable information regarding mental disabilities and mental health and their relation to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Not only is mental health a very sensitive issue in the workplace but it can often be difficult to handle from a Human Resources perspective. Just as with other disabilities under the ADA, a mental disability is (a) any impairment that substantially limits one Read more
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Workplace Poster Compliance for Employers

We get a lot of questions about workplace posters from employers and this can often be a somewhat confusing area.  What posters you must display can be driven by the number of employees you have, the industry in which you operate, whether or not you have federal contracts, and a multitude of other factors.  The Department of Labor has created a great tool for determining what federal posters you must display.  You can access the tool here: http://webapps.dol.gov/elaws/posters.htm.  The tool is a step-by-step question process that is extremely easy to use.  At the end, the tool provides valuable information about Read more