Employment Law. At Simon | Paschal PLLC, we know employment law must be proactive as opposed to reactive. The human resources department is a vital proactive function and it deserves attention and guidance. Companies need accurate and up to date employee handbooks, policies, and procedures. They need well-written and thorough employment agreements, non-competition agreements, job descriptions, and applications. They need comprehensive training for employees and managers. Most of all, they need an employment lawyer who understands their company culture and environment. They need a trusted member of the team. They need someone that will treat their business and their human resources department as their own. At Simon | Paschal PLLC, we are that team member. Our lawyers have extensive experience in these matters and are just as obsessed about the success of your business as you are. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC have extensive experience in the following:

  • Drafting and revising employee handbooks and personnel policies and procedures
  • Conducting workplace investigations, including discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints, wage and hour complaints and workers’ compensation accidents
  • Administering employee and management training on all areas of employment law
  • Advising employers regarding hiring, promotion, demotion, discipline and termination decisions
  • Drafting and revising employment agreements, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements and severance agreements
  • Administering and defending employee classification audits and DOL audits
  • Representing clients in TWC unemployment claim hearings
  • Answering all manner of human resources and employment law questions

We also recognize that not every situation avoids the courtroom. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC are skilled and experienced litigators who have served as counsel in jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations. Whether the case involves discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, or leave violations, we are prepared to represent you. Whether it is a state employment law violation or a matter under the FLSA, FMLA, ADAAA, ADEA, or Title VII, we stand ready to litigate. Whether you are a company or individual defending a lawsuit or a company or individual pursuing a lawsuit, the lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC are here for you.

Our litigation and pre-litigation experience includes the following:

  • Responding to EEOC and TWC charges of discrimination
  • Drafting and responding to demand letters
  • Representing clients at EEOC and TWC investigation interviews and mediations
  • Representing clients in all manner of employment law lawsuits including, discrimination and harassment lawsuits, overtime lawsuits, temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions, and collective and class actions

Business Law. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC are here to draft and file your company formation and governance documents when you are ready to set sail on your next venture. When your company succeeds and grows, we are here to keep those documents up to date. When you are ready to sell or merge, we can draft those agreements also. Our lawyers are ready to draft your next customer contact and we are ready to review and revise your next vendor contract, master services agreement, or lease. When your company has needs, we can help. As with any good team, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of litigation, Simon | Paschal PLLC is ready to go.

Our business practice is full-service, including the following:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and master services agreements and representing clients in contract negotiations
  • Drafting and responding to demand letters and negotiating with debtors and creditors
  • Drafting and filing corporate formation and revision documents
  • Drafting and reviewing buy/sell agreements
  • Representing clients in business dispute lawsuits in state and federal courts
  • Serving as registered agent for clients

General Counsel. At Simon | Paschal PLLC, we want to be a team for life and we want you and your business to succeed like it is our own. We know a guiding hand can be critical in rough seas and a swift and knowledgeable advisor is invaluable when your company is sailing along. It is with this in mind that the team at Simon | Paschal PLLC offers a fractional general counsel program that provides you legal support and advice in the areas of Employment Law AND Business Law. For a low, flat monthly fee, you can hire Simon | Paschal PLLC as a true extension of your business. Call us with a quick question about a personnel issue. Send us a contract to review and revise. Send us to the negotiation table on your behalf. Ask us to provide your company strategic and long term legal planning and advice. It is all included in your flat monthly fee. Make our team a member of your team.

The General Counsel program enables you to hire us as your General Counsel on a fractional basis. Rather than spend $125,000 per year on a single General Counsel, you can hire the entire Simon | Paschal PLLC law firm for a fraction of the cost. By sharing the firm with other companies, you are also able to share the cost and thus pay just a portion of what you would otherwise pay. We truly live by our motto and your business becomes our own. You can utilize the full complement of our services without worrying about an hourly rate or time on the clock. It truly is like a General Counsel just down the hall.

Excluding lawsuits, the full range of our employment law and business law services are at your disposal for one flat rate, regardless of usage or time. In addition, we can participate with you in long-term strategic planning for your business by providing legal perspectives, implications and ramifications. With Simon | Paschal PLLC’s General Counsel, you truly have a lawyer on staff and ready to go.

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