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Employment Law Dallas TX

Stay Ahead of Employment Law in Dallas TX

A company’s employees are a vital part of any business. It is crucial for an employer to take care of its employees to avoid expensive legal ramifications for improper treatment. Having everything legally sound is an immense task and often times a business only has a few employees in its Human Resources department. The lawyers at Simon Paschal know and understand employment law in Dallas, TX and will partner with your business to provide the right attention and guidance your organization needs. Being proactive and preventing legal cases is always the best route versus reacting to complications after the fact. Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law in Dallas TX | Dallas Attorneys Working for Employers

Concerned about employment law in Dallas, TX? Understanding employment law is a crucial step in protecting any business. The success of any business is built upon its relationship to its employees. Management of employees and employee welfare is a big concern for every company, and every company will have a varied set of needs and concerns depending on the company’s size and the types of workers it employs. Business owners can reduce the likelihood of costly litigation by knowing how the laws protect their employees, whether it be a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation. However, there are so Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law in Dallas TX – Issues Facing Small Business

A legal firm specializing in employment Law in Dallas TX can help your business maneuver the maze of rules and regulations regarding hiring, training and supervising employees. Small businesses have a lot to contend with when it comes to employees. Even if you have a human resources department, an employment law firm can advise you regarding proper implementation of federal and state regulations. New business owners may be unfamiliar with current employment law in Dallas TX. Federal and state laws regarding minimum wage, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act, right-to-work, background checks, military leave and Fair Read more