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Employment Lawyer Dallas TX

Employment Lawyers can Help you with New Hire Drug Testing

When you are in charge of the office, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. One of these details is dealing with new hires and employment drug testing. If you decide to do new hire drug testing, you should have protocols to follow. You should have stipulations in place about what to do in the event of a positive drug test and know how to make sure the paperwork follows the correct chain of command in order to keep you protected. We can help you set up the protocols and the paperwork to make sure the steps Read more
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Employment Lawyer Dallas TX

How an Employment Lawyer can Help you with your Business Legal Needs

When you are the boss you are in charge of many various aspects of business. You need to help keep your employees happy while navigating through the ever-changing employment laws correctly. A lot of things need a professional, legal eye in the business world. Employee handbooks need to be written and revised in order to stay current with the laws in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Non-compete agreements are needed from time to time and you need someone fully versed in Employment law to draft this document. The Department of Labor performs audits relatively often. Having a legal professional on your Read more
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HR Compliance Dallas TX

Why HR Compliance Shouldn’t Be Overlooked in Any Business

A lot of times the Human Resource department often gets overlooked when the reality should be the opposite and a lot of attention should be placed on HR compliance in Dallas, TX. The Human Resources department has significant compliance responsibilities both inside and outside of the department. Some of the key areas of compliance for a Human Resources department are: Compensation and benefit programs Fair Labor Standards Act Civil Rights Act Disciplinary procedures Policies and procedures The legal team at Simon | Paschal can help partner with your organization’s human resources department to ensure that strong compliance is a priority. Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: Using Background Checks in Hiring Decisions

Having someone who knows the ins and outs of employment law Dallas TX on your side is key when making staffing decisions. Hiring an employee to join your organization is a huge investment of time and money. Using pre-employment background checks offer benefits well beyond what it costs to have one conducted. These benefits are: Hiring well-qualified candidates Reduced employee turnover and related expenses Limit exposure to negligent hiring claims Making sure you remain in compliance within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act with background checks is also necessary. Make sure your company gets the right employees with Read more
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Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX

Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Employee Handbooks

An employment law attorney Dallas TX advises businesses on many matters pertaining to hiring, training and terminating employees. Writing employee handbooks is another one of the services offered by employment attorneys. Although it may not seem like an important matter, a poorly written or incomplete employee handbook can cause misunderstandings, or worse, among workers and their bosses. Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Do Employees Need to Sign their Handbooks? When employees receive a new or updated handbook, federal law doesn’t require them to sign a paper stating they’ve read the book. However, many employment attorneys and human resources reps think Read more
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Employment Lawyers Dallas TX

Employment Lawyers Dallas TX: Tips for Documenting Employee Discipline

Having employment lawyers Dallas TX working with your organization is becoming an absolute necessity in today’s complex world. Even seemingly small things such as writing an employee up for a disciplinary reason, need to be done in a concise manner. Certain protocols must be followed in the event the employee retaliates with a lawsuit against the employer. Here are some tips for documenting when conducting disciplinary action against an employee: Be consistent & specific Don’t include emotional or personal thoughts about the situation Include consequences Have employee sign and date document Give opportunity for response Make sure your organization is covering Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: A Partner for Human Resource Requirements

The many facets of employment law Dallas TX are complicated and often overwhelming. Government agencies regularly audit businesses on virtually every aspect of the employment relationship. Some areas that are inspected include: Hours worked by employees Exempt vs. Nonexempt classifications Overtime compensation Employee handbooks Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment practices Most businesses simply do not have the manpower of complete knowledge base to handle all the government requirements in addition to all other necessary human resource functions. At Simon | Paschal, we want to partner with your organization to offer the guidance necessary to avoid not meeting government requirements and resolving the Read more
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Employment Lawyers Dallas TX

Employment Lawyers Dallas TX: Your Company Needs an Employee Handbook

Having an employee handbook for your organization is essential, and having the assistance of experienced employment lawyers Dallas TX will make sure your employee handbook includes all necessary information. If you’re the owner of a small business, you may wonder why having an employee handbook is important. Here are some reasons why: Sets the right expectations and boundaries of the employer Prevents liability issues for the employer Reduces the time spent on redundant questions Because laws are constantly changing, it’s wise to seek the advice of a skilled employment lawyer. The lawyers at Simon|Paschal have the experience you need to make Read more
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Employment Lawyers Dallas TX

Employment Lawyers Dallas TX are Experts in Drafting Employee Manuals

If you’ve been putting off the advice from employment lawyers Dallas TX to draft an employee handbook, you may want to re-think the issue. According to the Huffington Post, three-quarters of litigation against corporations are employment disputes, so it’s just good business sense to lay out your company’s rules, regulations, and policies as they apply to employment laws in black and white to decrease the chances of a costly misunderstanding. A handbook ensures that all employees have the same information explaining what to expect, what is expected, and what the rules are. Even if an employee ends up wanting to Read more
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Employment Law Dallas TX

Employment Law Dallas TX: Contractors to Receive New Benefits

A recent change in employment law Dallas TX means contractors no longer have to worry about staying home from work sick and not receiving pay for it.  Hundreds of thousands of American workers are now eligible for paid sick leave after President Obama signed an executive order in September of 2015 that forces companies who contract with the government to provide this benefit to their employees. What This Employment Law Dallas TX Change Means for Workers This new change in employment law means that firms that employ government contractors are required to provide one hour of paid sick leave for every Read more