At-Will v. Right to Work

Hello everyone. Paul Simon here with law firm of Simon Paschal. Today we’re going to do a quick little video discussing the difference between the term at-will employment and right to work. As an employment lawyer, these are the two terms I hear all the time. Most of us, I think, have heard the terms but often they are misunderstood and misused. What at-will means, and Texas is an at-will state, is that both the employer and the employee have the right to leave the employment at any time for any reason. So if I’m working for someone and I Read more

TWC Unemployment Claims

Dustin Paschal here again from Simon Paschal, PLLC. Today we’re going to answer a question about the unemployment process. We get asked a lot by clients to represent them or guide them through the different parts of the unemployment process. So I wanted to touch on that today. So first let’s just kind of go through the unemployment process in terms of how it actually works. So after a separation by an employee, the employee would file an unemployment claim with the Texas Workforce Commission. You as the employer would receive notice of the claim and be given the opportunity Read more

Paid Time Off – TX Employment Law

Dustin Paschal here with Simon Paschal PLLC. We’re starting something new this year where we’re going to try to do short little video snippets answering some legal questions regarding employment law, and business law, and we’re going to post those to our YouTube page each week. So this will be the first one and we’ll do them weekly on Friday so you can get used to going and checking them out there. But here at the first the year, one of the main things that we’re doing as attorneys is handbooks, and handbook review, and handbook revision. So we get Read more