We know that hiring a lawyer is not a decision you take lightly, nor should it be. As an owner and employer, you pour your heart and soul into building your business and you want not only to protect it but also see it thrive. When you need to hire an employment attorney or business attorney to accomplish those goals, it should be an attorney that cares about your business as much as you do and understands what it means to build something. It should be an attorney that exhibits the same concern, passion and drive toward your business as you do.

When you hire Simon | Paschal PLLC, you can trust that your business, your employees and your livelihood are in good hands. Paul and Dustin are not just lawyers; they are business owners. They created Simon | Paschal PLLC from the ground up and they work daily to see it flourish. That success depends on the success of Simon | Paschal PLLC’s clients. As a result, Paul and Dustin work just as hard, if not harder, to see their clients flourish.

How do they do it? When you hire Simon | Paschal PLLC, you get a unique combination perfectly matched to meet all your employment law and business law needs. After working side by side for several years, Dustin Paschal and Paul Simon have developed, mastered and perfected an aptitude and talent often unseen or overlooked in law firms today – genuine teamwork.

Dustin and Paul know that no individual lawyer possesses every skill or all abilities. Dustin and Paul also know different legal needs and different legal situations require varying and diverse skills, abilities, personalities, and approaches. Over the years, Dustin and Paul have learned to seamlessly and effortlessly match their talents and integrate their approaches so the result is a team prepared and skilled for any legal need or situation.

There are no egos. There are no territorial disputes. There is only a true working partnership and synergy that benefits you, the client. This allows Simon | Paschal PLLC to quickly and effortlessly apply the right skill and approach to your ever-changing needs. An aggressive employment law litigator? A thorough and reasonable negotiator? A measured and calm litigator? A detailed business lawyer? A competent and knowledgeable employment law advisor? At any given time, that person may be Dustin or Paul or both but the working relationship between Dustin and Paul means you will only see results.

We understand you look for more than just a law degree when hiring a lawyer. You look for knowledge. You want a lawyer that knows and understands employment law and business law. Simon | Paschal PLLC has that knowledge and understanding.

Employment Law

Employment law affects almost every business whether you realize it or not. Whether you are a business with one employee subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act and its minimum wage and overtime requirements or a business with hundreds of employees subject to Title VII anti- discrimination laws and the Family and Medical Leave Act, you must abide by employment laws.

Whether or not your company has a formal human resources department, complying with these laws is not getting any easier. The amount of employment laws and regulations are too numerous to mention and employers must be aware of them all.

In addition, government agencies address virtually every aspect of the employment relationship. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regularly audits businesses regarding hours worked by employees, exempt versus non-exempt employee classifications, and whether or not overtime compensation has properly been paid. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issues binding but vague directives regarding what can and cannot be included in employee handbooks. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) frequently releases anti- discrimination and anti-harassment regulations regarding all facets of a company’s operations. These are just a few agencies and a few areas of regulation and enforcement.

It does not end there for employers and businesses. They also must deal with employee handbooks, policies and procedures, employment agreements and contracts, severance agreements, employee discipline, hiring and training, and workplace safety.

Businesses also must contend with lawsuits from prospective employees, current employees, former employees, and competitors who allege violations of restrictive covenants that apply to newly hired employees (i.e. non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreements).

Businesses and employers need a partner who fully knows and understands employment law so that they receive the advice and guidance necessary to avoid problems when possible and resolve them when they arise.

Simon | Paschal PLLC knows and understands employment law. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC have been practicing employment law for more than ten years. During that time, they have handled employment law cases in state and federal courts and before arbitration panels on a multitude of topics. Whether it is defending an overtime lawsuit, defending an alleged breach of a non-compete agreement, or arguing the merits of a discrimination lawsuit, the lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC have the experience you need.

Even when they are not in the courtroom, their employment law work continues. The attorneys at Simon | Paschal PLLC advise clients regarding all aspects of human resources and employment law, including hiring, discipline and termination decisions, leave issues, performance reviews, and employee complaints. They are frequently drafting and revising employee handbooks, conducting employment law training, representing clients in Department of Labor audits, and performing workplace investigations.

If your company or human resources department has an employment law issue, the lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC can handle it.

Business Law

The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC do not stop at employment law. As business owners, Dustin and Paul understand that human resources is just one part of a company’s identity. In fact, some businesses are just starting or are so new that a thriving human resources department is just a dream. With this in mind, the lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC also practice business law.

Whether you are an entrepreneur forming a new business or a long time business looking to sell or add new partners, Simon | Paschal PLLC can help. Your business is your livelihood, it is your fire, and it is your devotion. It is important to protect it with proper organizing and operating documents and agreements. Whether that organization is a partnership, an LLC or a corporation, you should always start with the correct legal documentation. Simon | Paschal PLLC can create that documentation and file your business entity with the appropriate state agency. Entity formation documents are not all you get.

Thorough business law does not end with company formation. Every business has customers and every business has vendors. That means every business should have contracts. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC can draft and review the contracts you need to operate your business. They might be employment contracts, statements of work, master services agreements, memoranda of understanding or independent contractor agreements. Whatever the contractual need, Simon | Paschal PLLC can help you protect and grow your business.

Just like the world of employment law, you might sometimes find yourself involved in a business dispute that escalates to a lawsuit. In that case, the lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC stand ready to assist you. They have extensive experience in business litigation and they are prepared to advocate for your rights.

Dustin and Paul have a passion for the law and a knack for business that matches the care you have for your own business. When you hire Simon | Paschal PLLC, you can trust that they will treat your business as their own.